Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching Up...

Chase had is CAT Scan last week and did well with the procedure. Since he is so little and has to sit completely still, he had to be sedated. First, the nurse gave him meds up his nose which made him loopy. He had the same meds prior to his tonsil, tube and adenoid surgery last year. It's like watching a drunk 2 year old. The nose spray med is so that he will relax enough for the nurses to put in the iv and also so that he can be transported to the CAT Scan room without a scene. Once in the CAT Scan room, they give him more sedation meds in his IV. This part freaked me out. He was totally still but his eyes were open. I told Rob I was a little weirded out and he just looked at me like I had 3 heads. When he came out of the sedation, he did really well - a little too well. He ate and drank too fast and got sick. After that, he wouldn't drink but we were able to leave about an hour after the procedure.
The doctor called with the results the next day and I was told that he currently has a sinus infection. Well, the kid has no signs of an infection! The problem seems to be that he has a constant sinus infection and whenever he catches a cold or his allergies act up he gets a full blown sinus infection. Talk about frustrating! The pediatrician put him on antibiotics - again - he just got off of them 5 days prior. We made an appt with Chase's ENT doctor at DuPont Hospital in DE. He is the same doctor who removed his tonsils, adenoids and placed tubes last year. SO, on the 26th we hope to get some answers. It looks like another surgery will be needed to clean out his sinuses and make the drainage holes bigger. Poor kid! The good news is that everyone I know who has had the surgery is a million times better afterwards. I hope the same will be said for Chase.
{Rob gave him a snack and this is where I found him eating it.}

{After the CAT Scan and a really long nap. I gave him a new monster truck for doing so well at the doctor - he was excited.}

{"Playing" with his new truck.}

{Friday night he asked for another snack and I opened the frig to get him one. I couldn't find what he wanted so he stepped in front of me. Check out those chicken legs!!}

{Love this one. My two favorite things - Chase and food!}

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