Thursday, January 28, 2010

I had to put it back...

I'm not much of a reader. I would much rather read magazines than a book. I am, however, a sucker for Nicholas Sparks. His books are easy reads and are quite entertaining. Today I was killing time on my lunch break at Barns and Noble. My intention was to get the new InStyle but I forgot that Rob had gotten me a subscription for Christmas. So, I started looking at the new fiction section and saw The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I picked up - quite excited - finally, something to keep my nights busy when Chase is asleep and American Idol isn't on. What I didn't realize is that apparently The Last Song is about a pop star, with a weird voice, competing in a wet tee shirt contest, on the beach with a local frat boy. I can not be seen (even at home) reading a book with Hannah Montana on the cover. It makes my belly hurt just thinking about her. So, I put the book back, got my Starbucks and left. I hope my Instyle comes this week.

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