Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Essentials - Pregnant Girl Edition

White T's. I can never have enough! I have this "problem" with faded black and dingy white clothes. I think I buy atleast 5 white T's through the summer.

Gray comfy shorts. I wear them pretty much everyday after work. I could live in them.

Havaiana's. I have a gray pair (surprise, surprise) but I plan to get a black pair next week. They are the BEST flip flops ever.

Gray tanks. I wear them under shirts or on their own. I can't have enough!!

Jean shorts. Ladies, these should ONLY be worn by you. Not your husbands or sons or really any man in our life. Jean shorts are for WOMEN/GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!
I went through a phase where I thought this rule applied to me, but I'm over it now. Jean shorts are back. I may even have to rock a cut off pair circa 1990. Maybe not.

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