Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick... Again.

Chase is sick... Again. Today we went to the doctor for the second time, got a third prescription, went for a chest x ray and then blood work. Jealous? Isn't that how you want to spend your Friday off? The chest x ray was negative so there is no pneumonia - Thank God! We will get the results of the blood work early next week as well as the strep test results. The worst of it isn't even his cough it's the fever. 104 was the highest and it's been around since Tuesday. My poor baby! I hope he starts feeling better this weekend. I'm thinking of contacting an infection specialist. Aren't there doctors who specialize in infection? I would think so. Chase already sees an ENT and Allergist who's course of action has not worked. Allergy meds everyday, breathing treatments, nose sprays, tonsil removal, adenoid removal, ear tubes - twice, CT scan, numerous chest x rays.... I could go on and on. I want a healthy child. It's not fair to him to be this sick. I'm scared he's going to become immune to the antibiotics because he's on them so often. I'm going to start researching other specialists that we can see. I swear the doctors think I have Munchhausen syndrome.

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