Thursday, September 17, 2009

John Gabriel

This is my nephew - Gabe. John is my Papa's name. Gabe is my little brother's first child.

He was born 9/9/09. He is a peanut weighing only 7 pounds/8 ounces. I haven't met him yet because my brother and sister in law live in Georgia and I'm in New Jersey. I will get to meet him in November at my Papa's 80th birthday party. It will also be the first time my Papa is meeting his namesake and his 6th GREAT grandson.... none of his 7 grandchildren have a girl (much to my Nannie's dismay).

I love this little boy so very much! When Chase was born, I didn't think I could love another person as much as I loved him, but Gabe comes very close. He is my blood. My nephew. My brother's legacy. My sister in law's angel. My son's cousin. A blessing from God to our family.
I love you baby Gabe!

***I do feel bad that I am posting about him before my own child, but I received this photo yesterday and I can't stop looking at it.

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