Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pyrex and Potty Training

I'm not sure what the two have in common (except a "P"), but I've been meaning to post about them both.

I *heart* vintage Pyrex... My mother-in-law's friend gave these to me - they have NEVER been used! My cabinets are overflowing with pretty Pyrex... I want Rob to build me some shelves to display them on. I would never leave the kitchen!!

Potty training is TOUGH!! We have been working so hard to get our boy potty trained. He's doing well - better at school than at home. I can't decide if I should just put him in pullups and avoid "big boy" underwear for a while or stick with the "big boy" undies at home and pull ups for going out. Decisions, decisions.

Check out that floor! Isn't it beautiful? NOT!!! That's the bathroom we are planning to renovate ASAP. It's our only bathroom so Chase and I will be moving out the week Rob does the work. It's going to be a modern masterpiece when it's done. White subway tile, modern fixtures, DOUBLE SINK - I can't wait! You should see all three of us in that bathroom now. Sad.

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