Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Go Phillies, Let's Go!!!

Fall baseball is the best! The post season. The weather. The excitement! Our Phillies are only 6 games away from making it into the post season! It's an exciting time here in Philly!
I have been a baseball "fan" since the Braves won the World Series in the 90's. I lived in Georgia then and was able to go to a playoff game as well as a World Series game - it was the highlight of my year! Since I was only 13 or 14 at the time, I didn't fully understand what a true fan was so after the excitement of winning seasons wore off, I didn't really care about baseball all that much anymore.
When Rob and I moved to New Jersey 8 years ago I learned what true "Phans" were. Not initially, but after a few years I became quite the baseball fan. We had season tickets in 2007 and hope to have them again in the seasons to come. Chase knows the players names and will point out Ryan Howard and Chase Utley when he sees them on TV. He knows J.A. Happ is a pitcher and how to say Rauuuuuul Ibanez perfectly. He hasn't been to a game yet - we plan to take him next season when he will hopefully remember it better and enjoy it more. I know now what a "Phan" is and will never stop loving the Phils, nor will I let Chase forget where his love of baseball began. I see people like my husband who have been Phillies fans for 35 years and want that for Chase.... and myself!
** If, one day, Chase is a professional baseball player for a team other than the Phillies, I will deny I ever wrote this! However, if he is playing for the Mets, I may have to disown him. :)

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