Thursday, December 31, 2009


Since today is New Years Eve, I was thinking about resolutions. I'm not a resolution type of person, but I do like the idea of setting goals for the New Year. Maybe even saying a hopeful prayer for the year ahead. Maybe both. Goals are good. Prayers are good.

-lose the last 20 pregnancy pounds. Yes, I have 20 extra pounds left from being pregnant 3 years ago! Sad, I know. I did gain 10 or so pounds prior to actually being pregnant because of medication I had to take. I'm going to start Weight Watchers again next week. It's tough and I STARVE the first week or two, but I lost 12 pounds last year when I did it. Jules, over at Pancakes and French Fries, wrote an excellent post yesterday about starting Weight Watchers again and I was super encouraged.

- spend more quality time with Chase. I work a full time job so life is pretty hectic in the evenings. Weekends are normally packed with errands, cleaning, play dates, ect. so Chase and I don't get as much quality time together as I would like. I don't work because I want to - I work because I have to. If it were up to me, I would quit today. I have to work to provide food, a home and clothing for my son. That's all my job is - a means to provide for my family. Unfortunately, it takes up most of my week.

- find a new job.

- enjoy the next 12 months as a family of 3. I hope to be pregnant next year (God willing) and I want to make sure that I soak up every second of the next year with Rob and Chase.

- pray more.

- shop less and save more!!

- start a bible study and a daily devotional.

- be a better friend. I don't think I'm a bad friend, but I want to be a better friend. My friendships are very important to me and as I get older good friends are few and far between.

- get a new camera and take a photography class. (this may not go with shopping less)

There are a million other goals I could set for myself, but I think this is a good starting point.

Although times are tough, I thank God everyday for my family and friends. I thank Him for my home and food on my table. Bills may get paid late, but atleast we have the means to eventually pay them. Rob works two jobs, but I am thankful that the darn papers can be delivered in the morning before his "real" job.
Thank you Lord for this boy! He's my love....
On a side note, see the bandaid on Chase's arm? There isn't a boo boo there. He wears them as stickers and calls them bug bites. Strange.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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