Friday, December 18, 2009

Something in the Mail...

My BFF Danielle and her husband sent Chase a package that arrived yesterday. He was so excited to open it...
Thanks Danielle and Ryan for thinking of Chase at Christmas. We love and miss you both very much. Hopefully we will see you in the spring.

{"a dirt bike Mommy!!!!!"}
He was very excited when he found the dirt bike in the box.

He has this "thing" with looking at the back of toy packages. Is that odd? Do all 2 year olds do that?

Wasn't quite as interested in the shirts as I was! He is wearing one of them today.

The vest is awesome!!! It's a little cold these days to only wear the vest, but it will be used quite alot on warmer winter days and in the early spring.
Thanks again Danielle and Ryan!!

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