Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too Big

My baby boy is getting too big!
Lastnight Rob and I we were making his bed and discussing how I want to redo his room in the spring. He still sleeps in his crib and it made me really sad thinking that it will be over soon. My baby will be a big boy, in a big boy bed (and hopefully going on the potty).

He looks like he's having a good conversation with Woody. I wonder what they are talking about. Maybe Buzz.

I love this picture! I think it's a great shot of him and his toys... This kid LOVES his toys! I also like how the light is coming through the curtains.
Speaking of light - Chase's Sunday School teacher told us that he is "a ray of sunlight"! He always participates in the activity and genuinely loves to be there. Talk about making a mom happy! Last week he told Rob and I that his best friend is God. Melt my heart....

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