Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Rob Found in the Garage...

I can only imagine what you guys were thinking when I mentioned in my last post that Rob had made the discovery of the YEAR in our garage. Money? I wish! Jewelry? Nope!
He found............................................................. a vintage Little People Sesame Street Townhouse!! It was a MESS, but I cleaned it up and it's good as new. Along with the townhouse, there were a number of vintage Little People as well as the accessories that go with the townhouse. I was sooooo excited! Chase was pretty excited too. I love vintage Little People. They are so much better than the new ones. Chase plays with them at his MiMom's house all the time.
When I asked Rob where he found it and he said the garage, I then asked if he knew it was in there.... He said YES!! I was too excited to be mad, but d@mn Rob if you knew it was in there years ago, why did you just decide to bring it out now? Also, it was HIS when he was little. All the more reason to LOVE it!

Am I crazy to be this excited about a toy? Maybe so, but I don't care. What is the best item you have EVER found in your house? Was it a vintage toy, an old letter (remember that episode of 90210 where Brenda found the letter from the 60's?), vintage appliances or magazines? Do tell.

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