Thursday, October 1, 2009


{Pic via Jibby on Flickr}
I can't believe it's already October - but I LOVE it! :) The smell of fall, the beautiful leaves, baseball, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving - I could go on and on.
The Phils are the NL East Champs and I had a major case of dejavu lastnight watching the players after the game. I hope there are more champange parties in the Phils future!! I sometimes have a hard time watching the games because I get really anxious and then have to go to bed, but I will do my best to watch as much and as many as I can!
Chase's school pis came in yesterday and, as much as I HATE school pictures, I couldn't help but buy a package. Even with the fake sky 1989 background, HE still looks adorable. I will scan them tonight and post tomorrow. We were going to try and get family photos taken this fall but I'm not sure it's going to work out. I hope it does though!!
The not so great part of fall is allergies. As anyone who lives in NJ can attest, allergies here are AWFUL! Poor Chase was up all night with a stuffy nose. I felt bad the other day, but have been keeping up with my allergy meds and feel much better. I will have to keep Chase dosed up on his meds for the next few months to avoid the dreaded sinus infection! He's had more sinus infections in his 2.5 years, than I have had in my entire adult life. I'm praying this winter is easier than last.
New UGGs are another great part of fall! Black ones too!! They make me smile. I am wearing them for the first time today and my feet are cozy!

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