Friday, November 6, 2009


(sorry about the pic, it was the only one on my memory card)

Tomorrow is Rob's 36th birthday!

A funny story:
Last year Rob, our friend and I were on the train going to the Phillies World Series Parade. We started talking to a group of college girls who were maybe 20. They asked me if our friend was my husband, I laughed and said no he was just my friend. Another girl points at Rob and asks if he is my dad?!?! It was hilarious - atleast Mike and I thought so. Rob, not so much. He doesn't even look that much older than me.

Happy Birthday Baby!
Thank you for being a wonderful husband and amazing father. God blessed my life the day we met a little over 11 years ago.
You are a wonderful example to our son. He learns so much from you. Not only the fun stuff like how to play baseball or throw a football, but the important things like how to love God and pray.
I hope you have the best birthday ever! And shoot a big 12 pointer hunting tomorrow.

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