Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sorry to be Debbie Downer today. I'm a little anxious and stressed. I have alot to do before leaving for VA tomorrow night. I know I can get it done, I just need to stop worrying about it. Also, I have a pimple the size of a grape fruit on my chin. What the?!?! I thought pimples stopped after high school. Annoying. I feel like people are staring at it when they talk to me. Of course I can't leave it alone, so now it's a red, swollen, flaky mess. It picked the worst time to rear it's ugly head because when I'm in VA someone always has something to say about 1) my weight or 2) the pimple on my face. It's awesome. Totally reassuring.

J Crew what the what!? Why are you so expensive? I love you so much but I refuse to pay for your clothes. Back in the day you were so affordable. Word on the street is that high school kids in Atlanta are buying your clothes now. High School kids? Really? What about the "real" people who don't have rich parents?

I will try and focus on the positive the rest of the day - I get to see Gabe in 2 days, I get to celebrate my Papa's 80th birthday, my son is somewhat healthy, my husband is wonderful and loving his new job, I have food to eat tonight and a roof over my head. Thank you Lord for all you have given our family.

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