Thursday, November 5, 2009

From Becks, With Love...

Until next season Phillies Phans.
My friend Rebecca summed it up pretty well. Here is what she had to say:
Well, my facebook existence has revolved around the Phillies for the past few months. So, I thought it fitting to write a note as the 2009 season came to a close tonight. I am very much saddened by this loss. SO CLOSE. I have watched every single game this season. I feel like I know all the players....and what a group to know and love. Being a Phillies fan, for me, has been more than just watching a game on TV. It has been a way to get together with friends on a Friday night to have a few beers and a good time. It has been texting my dad during all the games and making eachother laugh -- throughout the season, we made our own nicknames for all the players (Feliz Navidad, Mr. Utters, J Hole). It has been an outlet for all of us to take our minds off of our crazy lives. My one friend Dan Rosz, has sent me text messages since the beginning of the season, "Magic Number 100...Magic Number 30....Magic Number 2". Every single day I knew I would see this text message. It has been making fun of Tom McCarthy (but sure miss him after listening to this clown I like to call Joe Buck). And nothing like getting those text messages that said "RAULLLLLLLLLLL" - probably got about 1,000 of them this season.
And my dad just texted me and said "you know what I'm going to miss most?" (texting me throughout the games ). Geez could this get any harder? It was just the connection everyone had, me and my dad, Paul, my family, and friends had over this team.
I could literally go on and on about this sappy stuff. But this is a MANS sport - so I gotta man up and stop being such a girl.
Got to see a few great games at CBP - was at the game where Harry Kalas was inducted into the Wall of Fame. I remember the last homer he called, I believe it was Matt Stairs' HR. I was napping on Paul's couch half watching the game and heard the voice I grew up with. I hope he realized how much PHILADELPHA loved him.
How bout all the awesome games the Phils played??? Winning the NLDS, NLCS, getting into the World Series for the second year in a row? How about all those records we broke this season? How about picking up some unbelievable players. I don't remember our team when we didn't have Ibanez, Lee & Pedro --- they fit right in. And how about THAT RauLLLLLLLLLLL? Everybody loves him. He is an unbelievable talent and seems like the most awesome guy. Remember when Jimmy Rollins was in a 2 month slump and he got himself out of it by hitting close to .500? Brought that average right up. How about the BOMBS that Howard hit? How about that Chase Utley and his intensity? There aren't many players out there like him. He's a student of the game. And Victorino...he is something to watch. He is an animal! Remember when he got that beer thrown in his face? Priceless. And Chooch! He is the backbone of our team -- on his knees every game, determining the flow, trying to make it work with all of our pitchers, hitting clutch balls and you literally say "how the hell did he do that". Feliz's 3rd base skills are incredible. And Jayson WERTH, how could I forget. So fun to watch, he has quite an unnatural approach in his fielding and batting but it MORE than works for him. Boy looks like he wants to smoke a blunt and play guitar, but instead he's hitting homers and diving for balls in the outfield. J Happ - great rookie year. Wish I got to see him involved more in the playoffs, but he will have quite the career ahead of him.
Brad Lidge - I stuck by him all year -- I'll always have someones back that truly loves the game and comes out to each game trying to fix his mistakes and yea sometimes it is just not enough. People have bad years and I can understand that. He swallowed his pride on many occasions and I truly believe that he wants in the worst way to back up his boys and close out games. Don't forget he is one of the major reasons we won last year. He'll be back on point next year. Madson, took over for Lidge at times and came up with some big closes. Chan Ho - remember when he wore the Vote For Victorino cardboard sign? He's not too bad either.
To all the other Phils - the pitchers, the pinch hitters, the players brought up from the minors : you all contributed in major ways.
CHARLIE MANUEL -- like I said before -- someone you wish was in your family. He's a goofy dude, but he knows baseball and I think one of the reasons that the Phillies do so well is because he keeps things light and loves all of his players. Shout out to Dubee, Lopes, etc. too.
To the Phillies: Thanks for giving us an exciting and memorable season. I will miss this 2009 team.
To Dad, Mom, Paul, Jenn, Dan, Friends, Cousins, Work Peeps, C. Hahn, J. Heis, Squints, D Rosz, RJ Moffa, R. Brown & all the people that commented on my crazy pictures and posts - It's been fun. I WILL REALLY MISS THIS WITH YOU JENN DANDO (& Jr) - but atleast my cell phone bill will be a little lower!
What am I gonna do now ??? What a void!! Til next season.
Oh yea, and to Kate Hudson --- it won't last with that a - hole!!! He has a mural in his house of him as a Centaur -- that's right half horse/half man with his face. WHAT A DUFUS!

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