Monday, October 12, 2009

Ham and Pepperoni Bread

YUMMMMM!!! Rob decided yesterday that he wanted to make Ham and Pepperoni Bread for dinner. Prior to moving to NJ, I had never had either - I didn't know what I was missing!! The Pepperoni Bread is super yummy! The ham bread - not so much. Rob prefers the ham bread so that's why he makes both. Rob decided to let Chase help him. Chase was very into making both, but not into eating them. In fact, he refused which is nothing new in our house. Chase is not, and has never been, a good eater. Even as a baby, he wouldn't drink more than 4 oz's at a time of his formula. VERY frustrating. He hasn't gained any weight since June, but he's gotten taller. The doctor isn't worried, but I think he should have gained some weight through the summer. I was super sick this weekend with ANOTHER sinus infection. I feel alot better today though!:) We tried to find a Halloween costume for Chase yesterday - no luck. I am going to order one online. I wish I was talented enough to sew him a costume, but I'm not.

Happy Monday!!!

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